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VELLEMAN K8055 - [Voltage Recorder]

K8055 Voltage recorder


I have created a basic two-channel voltage recorder that uses the Velleman K8055 interface card for the analog to digital conversions. You can use this recorder to monitor DC voltages over a longer period of time.

The recorder can record up to two channels with a sampling interval of 50 - 500 milliseconds. The recorded data is saved to a .CSV file, a common file format that can be opened with Microsoft Excel for further processing.

You can measure voltages between 0 and 5 VDC. You can even measure higher voltages by adding an external resistor. My software supports this external resistor and will rescale the measured data to the appropriate values.

The image below shows a screenshot of the software for this project. It also shows a graph I created with it: the discharging curve of a 2200 F capacitor, charged with 5VDC and discharged through the internal input resistance of the K8055.

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This project is about a basic voltage datalogger which can be used for several applications. It is not intended to compete with the Velleman K8047, a nice 4-channel datalogger.

This project uses the Velleman K8055 card as the interface to your computer. This is an experimental board without optical isolation between the electronics and your computer. You should only use it to measure low voltages!

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