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ELECTRONICS - [PIC applications]

My PIC Microcontroller Applications

A PIC is certain type of microcontroller: a sort of mini computer that fits on a single chip (Integrated Circuit). The controller has a processor core, some memory and programmable input/output peripherals.

On this page you can find a list with some PIC circuits I have designed. Most projects are written in the High-Tech C programming environment. Some others are written in plain Assembler.

Please note some of these designs are quite old. Many of the used PICs have a cheaper and/or better equivalent.

My PIC applications

  1. PIC 16F84A : Home Alarm System
  2. PIC 16F628A : BK1768B reader
  3. PIC 16F84A : I2C interface for Velleman K8000
  4. PIC 16F84A : Knight Rider Lights
  5. PIC 12F629 : Knight Rider Lights (V2)
  6. PIC 16F84A : Smart Doorbell System
  7. PIC 16F84A : LM032L LCD controller
  8. PIC 16F628A : I2C Bus Scanner
  9. PIC 16F628A : Morse Typewriter
  10. PIC 16F628A: RS-232 Computer Interface
  11. PIC 16F628A: RS-232 to I2C controller (Velleman K8000)

My PIC articles

From time to time I will release a small article to share some of my experience with the PIC microcontrollers.

  1. Building waiting loops with a time-out in High-Tech C

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