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Electronic Datasheet Manager

About Electronic Datasheet Manager

I am currently working on a software tool to search & view PDF datasheets for electronic components, such as the well-known transistor BC547. The software allows you to select a folder where you keep your PDF-datasheets. It will then build a list with the names of all your datasheets. You can search the list by entering a part of the component name, or you can create a second list with just your favorites.

You can double-click a component to view the details in the integrated browser. For this the program will generate a HTML webpage. By default, this page will be quite empty and only provide you with a link to view the PDF-datasheet in the browser. But, the program also allows you to create a connection-diagram and a properties-table. This will take some time but doing so you can build a collection of data that matters most to YOU.

This software is not yet available for download but you can request a free copy by contacting me.


You can download a beta version by clicking the link below. The version is functional but might still contain some bugs. The download doesn't contain a setup.exe, all required programfiles are zipped.

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