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Velleman K8055 - [K8055 Software Tutorial]

K8055 Software Tutorial

Short introduction

Building basic K8055 programs is not hard at all. But it can be tricky when you try to create your first application. When I first tried it, I encountered some strange error messages saying a certain DLL file was missing. Even when the DLL existed and was at the right place!

It took me some time to find all the solutions. I now wrote a small tutorial to save you from similar problems. The tutorial is written for the Visual Basic 2010 Express programming language. This language is easy to learn AND it can be downloaded from the Microsoft website for free.

The tutorial won't explain the basics of programming, it will just show you how to get started... There are plenty of websites and books that are already explaining how to program. I myself have the 1420-pages "Professional Visual Basic 2008" book from the WROX series. It teaches you one or two things about Visual Basic ...

Contents of the tutorial

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