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Velleman K8000 - DAC High Power Amplifier

DAC High Power Amplifier


Basic diagram to connect the High Power DAC circuit

The K8000 has some analog outputs (DAC channels) that can be set to any value between 0 and 10 VDC. These outputs can't provide much current as the output voltage drops as soon as the load becomes too high.

I started designing some kind of amplifying circuit that can deliver higher currents: the output voltage can be controlled from 0 to 10 V with a current of up to 9 A. The circuit also has an option to toggle the output polarity: it can be used as current reverser for a DC motor.

Using the circuit is easy. It has a power connector you need to connect an AC voltage to (preferable 15 V). A second connector is the output: you can connect the load to this connector.

The third connector is the most important one: the control connector. It accepts the control voltage: the voltage coming from the DAC output port of the K8000. It also has 4 extra connections: 2 for each direction (DIRECTION A and DIRECTION B). You can activate a certain connection by connecting the 2 connectors for a certain direction.

Project in details

As this is a larger project I have split the complete description into multiple webpages.

  1. The electronic circuit
  2. The polarity reverser
  3. Measurements
  4. Conclusions


the test setup to develop the circuit

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