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Velleman K8000 - [K8000 From Excel]

K8000 From Excel

Sometimes, people ask me if it possible to control the K8000 from Microsoft Excel. The answer is: YES. I made a little example to demonstrate this.

screenshot an Excel application for the K8000 The image above shows a screenshot of the Excel file I created. It has three different tables on it: one with the values of the A/D channels, one with the state of the I/O channels and one to control I/O outputs 9 - 16.

These Excel functions are created in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), the underlying programming environment in MS Office. When trying my sample file Excel will demand if you allow the execution of macro's inside the file. Here you need to click yes.

As with any other K8000 application you need the DriverLinx PortIO driver to be installed. The driver is used to maintain the connections between the K8000 hardware and the software.

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