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Power WinPLC

Screenshot of the Power WinPLC software

Power WinPLC is a freeware program to control the Velleman K8000 [External]. This is a computer interface board which allows you to control electrical devices with your computer.

Possible applications include setting lights, dimmers, relays, reading temperatures, controlling stepper motors, ...

As the K8000 doesn't have any intelligence it must be controlled with a computer or a stand alone unit. Code libraries are provided by Velleman, the company that sells the K8000. Using these libraries you can write your own software for the K8000. Unfortunately not everyone is capable to program hence they cannot build custom applications for the card.

This made me decide to write a software tool: Power WinPLC. WinPLC offers you a basic programming environment to build K8000 applications very quick. You don't have to type the programs yourself: you can simply select the commands from a list. This makes building applications very easy as you don't have to remember instructions.

WinPLC is quite extensive: it can control all ports of your K8000 card. I have created a dedicated website for WinPLC: http://winplc.bvsystems.be.

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