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Equation Solver

Purpose of equation solver

Screenshot of the Solve-IT! equation solver

Solve-IT equation solver is a tool to solve a system of linear equations. The tool can be used to solve all kind of math problems. One possible example could be:

There are two persons: Jeff and Sarah. Together they are 43 years old. Jeff is 13 years older than Sarah. How old is Jeff? How old is Sarah?

This question can be solved by turning it into 2 mathematical equations: JEFF+SARAH=43 and JEFF=SARAH+13. The correct answer would be that Jeff is 28 years old while Sarah is 15 years.

This was of course a very basic question. In fact you can use the solver to calculate very complex systems with hundreds of unknown variables.

This is my second version of this tool. The first version is written as a Java applet. It contained a lot of restrictions. The new version of this software was written in Visual Basic .NET, meaning you can run it on your local computer without a required Internet connection.

This program can be used to calculate electrical circuits with the Kirchhoff's laws methods.


The program doesn't really have restrictions. You can calculate any number of equations. But there are some rules to follow:


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