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K8055 - Android Remote Control

Android Remote Control


I have been designing an App for Android-based smartphones/tablets. The app is not fully completed yet, but it already allows you to control your Velleman K8055 over the Internet. The App has up to 8 buttons: they represent each one of the digital outputs. Once a connection has been established, you can view/change the state of the digital outputs.

Server - Client

The Android-app acts as a TCP/IP client, which connects to the computer that has the K8055 connected to it. This computer needs to have my 'TCP/IP' server software. It allows to accept incoming TCP/IP connections, and receive commands.

The Android app is very basic but fully functional. It offers 8 buttons to view/set the digital outputs. You can edit or hide a button by pressing it for a few seconds. The red/green button allows you to connect or disconnect from the server. The connection remains open until you disconnect, or until you close the whole app.

Under settings you can set the connection: IP address, port, username, password. There are also some additional settings, like 'autorefresh'. It polls the server every 15 seconds.

Not on Google Play

The Android App is not available on Google Play as this was my first Android app and I don't have a developer account yet. Instead, you can download the .APK file from this website. This file can be installed on your Android smartphone/tablet (you can compare it with a setup.exe on Windows computers).


You need to download both the server software and the Android app. You can install the server on any Windows-computer. After the initial start, you need to select the address of your K8055 card. You also need to select a username/password and TCP/IP port number.

Then you need to install the Android app on your smartphone. Here you also need to perform an initial setup: enter the credentials and the IP-address and TCP port of the server.

You then should be able to connect to the server. Be aware you might run into issues with your router and/or firewall. They might prevent any incoming connections to your server.


Please contact me if you have tested the Android app. Once I get enough feedback, I will put this free app on Google Play store.

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