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About bvsystems.be

Who am I?

My name is Vanderhaegen Bart. I was born in 1981 and I live in the Brussels region (Belgium). I am a graduate in electronics (specialization: telecommunications) with an additional post-graduate degree in IT. I currently work for Draeger Safety. This company offers a wide range of security equipment like breathing protection (for the fire brigades) and fixed/portable gas detecting devices.

In my spare time I occupy myself with computers, electronics, cycling & walking and photography. I mainly do nature and landscape photography.

What is this website about?

I started this website back in 1999 to share some of my interests: electronics, IT and photography. The website is just meant as a hobby, bvsystems.be is not a company. The website is divided in different sections:

Everything on this website is totally free. It contains a SMALL portion of the hobby-projects I created during the few last decades.

This site is built to the highest standards. You may contact me if you find any fault on this website. Whether it is about problems with your browser, grammar/typing errors, bugs or wrong informations.

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