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Uptime Counter

What is Uptime Counter?

Screenshot of uptime counter

Uptime Counter is a little tool I wrote on demand. Its purpose is to keep the time a wireless 3G stick was connected to the network. This is important to know when you have a subscription for such network. Some of these subscription types come with only a limited amount of time you can surf on the 3G network. Additional time can become very expensive.

Basically the tool detects if you are connected to the 3G network. In this case a counter will increase itself every second. The value of the counter is kept until you reset it.


Screenshot of the uptime counter configuration

The very first time you run the software you need to select your 3G network connection. This can be done by going to the setting screen. You will get a list with all available connections.

When you use a 3G connection you probably have to establish the connection before you will see it in the list. Once you have selected the connection you can close the option dialog window.

The software will now start monitoring the selected connection. The counter will increase each second for as long as the network is connected. You can click the 'reset this counter' button if you want to set it to zero. You might get a confirmation - this depends on the selected settings in the option dialog.

You can make the program start automatic when Windows starts. This can be done in the options dialog window. A little warning here: disable the automatic start feature before you delete the software from your computer. Reason: The auto start feature is stored in the Windows Registry. If you don't disable the feature before deleting my software, Windows will try to launch a non-existing program when you start Windows. It might result in strange error messages.

Download software

Here you can download the full setup application for Uptime Counter.

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