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VELLEMAN K8055 - [Voltage Recorder]

K8055 Voltage Recorder

Voltage Recorder Software

I wrote my Voltage Recorder software in the Visual Basic .NET environment (.NET framework 3.5). The software can be used as a voltage logger but you can also use it as a digital voltmeter. Here is the list with features:

CSV Log File

The voltage log is written as a .CSV file (download a sample). It is a text file where the values for the different data fields are separated by comma's. This files can be opened with Microsoft Excel. They contain the following data fields:


Here you can download the latest version of the Voltage Recorder. It comes as a zipped file that includes source code, setup wizard and the K8055D.DLL file. The software is written in Visual Basic .NET framework 3.5 so you need to have the .NET on your computer.

Note: in this version of the software the logging interval isn't very accurate. This shouldn't matter for most applications: Each line in the logfile has a timestamp so you can always view the timings. In the future I will build a more accurate logger.

Screen Shots

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