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K8055 - [REMOTING] - [LAN Broadcasting]

Remote Controlling

Method 4: LAN Broadcasting

Screenshot of the K8055 UDP broadcaster

I wrote the K8055 broadcaster to demonstrate how multiple K8055 cards across a network can be controlled at the same time. Each card will have the same output states (clone).

I used a certain technique called 'broadcasting'. During a broadcast a single packet is sent to all individual computers on a network. This is relatively easy to achieve: you only need to send an UDP packet to the broadcasting address of your network.

You probably know all network data is sent as packets. A large file is split into multiple smaller packets. These packets will be transmitted one by one. Clearly the packets contain the actual data. Besides that they also contain a header with additional information about the packet: where does it come from? Where is it going to?

My application uses UDP (User Datagram Protocol) for the network communications. When you send an UDP packet to the broadcasting address (like it will be received by all computers on your network.

Using the program

The software is designed in a way it can act both as a server and a client. So there is only one version of the program required. Before your first use some parameters has to be set:

These settings have to be made on all running versions of the program across your network. It is obvious they should be the same on each computer. Once the network is set you can start using the program. The following checkboxes exist:

Download Source

Both source and executable are available for this project. The program is fully functional but some bugs still might exist. This was my first VB.NET project that uses network communications.

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